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I'd put this up on the mainpage, but I don't have a web editing program on this computer. I'll put it up when I get back to Washington.
I feel bad about asking for money, but a few unexpected bills have come up lately and I'm still recovering from the cost of AC. ;.; I'm currently in the process of looking for a job, but these bills need to be paid SOON and still need monies for food and gas. So any amount of money you can send my way would be most appreciated.
Or if you wanna commission me, I can do that, too. I'm gonna be rather slow, though. Still working on getting through the ones I have.
Worship me!



So I'm back. With colored comics. For a time, anyway. Lets see how I do with this until I decide whether or not it's a premanent feature. I'm also gonna try to update M-W-F for a little while. Hopefully I can do this and handle a job and being all-around lazy at the same time.
Be sure to leave feedback, lovelies. <3
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